MKF Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Shares

As well as a la carte orders, Mick Klüg Farm is offering CSAs.  Our MKF CSAs bring you the Mick Klug Farm produce you would be able to take home from our farmers market stands at the peak of season in a convenient weekly package.  You can choose a Standard or Plus size subscription.

By purchasing a "Community Supported Agriculture" share, you will receive a total of four packages (one per week) with contents carefully selected based on what is best each week.  You can order online  and pick up your CSA share each week at any one of 10 convenient Chicago-land locations, or the farm!

What is a CSA?

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture, and is an efficient and rewarding way for consumers to buy fresh and seasonal products directly from farmers. Purchasing a CSA share means you pre-pay for a weekly box of Mick Klüg Farm produce and other goodies delivered to your preferred pick-up location each week for the month.

What size shares are available?  

Mick Klüg Farm is offering two CSA share options:

- CHI Faves Standard ($120 per month (4 weekly boxes), recommended for 1 to 2 people) 

- CHI Faves PLUS ($199 per month (4 weekly boxes), recommended for 3+ people)


When is the order cut-off?  What if I miss it?

Please order before 8pm CST on the Sunday before the first delivery week of the month (e.g. for June 2020, this will be Sunday, May 31st).  If you miss this deadline, don't fret.  If capacity allows, we will open shares for the remaining weeks of the month on a pro-rated basis, so please check back online in a day or two!

Is it safe?

We are taking every precaution we can to keep you safe.  We offer contactless pick up, and have implemented additional sanitation procedures and PPE during harvest, packing and delivery to minimize any risk to our employees and customers.  We request that when picking up, you:

- Wear a face mask or covering, and avoid contact with others, 

- Maintain 6 feet between you and others whenever possible, 

- Wash your hands frequently, before and after pick up, and before unpacking your order (use hand sanitizer when available), 

- Be patient and courteous - we're all in this together (and nearing the end of our tethers!).

What if I miss my pick-up or can’t make the pick-up window?

Unfortunately, we do not have the capacity to hold boxes, or a la carte orders, for longer than the pick-up window. If a box is still left unclaimed at the end of the day we will happily donate its contents.

What if I’m planning to be out of town? Can someone else pick-up my box?

If you know ahead of time that you will be unable to pick up your box one week, simply let us know in advance the name of someone who is willing and able to collect it for you. If you would prefer to donate your box for the week, let us know and we can also make that happen. Due to the nature of a CSA, we will be unable to provide any refunds or discounts for missed/skipped weeks.

Can I buy extra product from the farm?

Yes! You are more than welcome to order additional a la carte items to collect with your CSA. 

Note for home delivery recipients (cut-off for these was April 20th): If you wish to add on any other a la carte item, please contact us ( so we can invoice you without the delivery fee. 

May I skip or substitute items?

Whilst we would love to accommodate every individual, due to the nature of the CSA model, each box and its contents will be standard for every member each week, with no omissions or substitutions.   That’s truly a beauty of the CSA model; it encourages people to learn how to treat, eat and enjoy unfamiliar and novel products...and share with others!  You are also welcome to order additional a la carte items to collect with your CSA.

Will I know ahead of time what’ll be in my box?

We will do our best to keep CSA customers informed ahead of time regarding box contents.  Rest assured, it will always include the best of what is in season!  June CSAs will include a different combination each week of strawberries, sweet cherries, sweet peas, green and purple asparagus, rhubarb, frozen cherries, MKF jam and, at times, treats from our Chicago favorites!  We will also include a recipe to inspire those who aren't sure of what to do with their items.

Where do I pick up my order?

We offer pick up at 10 Chicago-land locations, as well as the farm.  See Webstore & Pick Up Spots for details.

Check out our online store now!

A note of thanks to Chef Bruce Sherman (formerly of North Pond), for his wise words and advice regarding a successful CSA program.

Note: Our online store is not compatible with Internet Explorer. Please use another browser if you experience complications. We apologize for any inconvenience! 


MKF offers two CSA sizes: Standard (recommended for 1-2 people) and Plus (recommended for 3+ people)